Interpreting Solutions, Inc. recognizes that finding quality services to meet the need for accessible communication sometimes means facing numerous questions. The following list, organized by category, can help you to find answers to questions you might have. Our responses are based on experience and are not considered to be formal or legal advice. Please call Interpreting Solutions, Inc. at 414-727-8778 or email us at so we can assist you directly in finding additional information.



Why do I need an interpreter??
Who pays for an interpreter?
How do I know if the interpreter is qualified to do the job?
Why are two interpreters scheduled for my assignment?
Someone in my office knows sign language. Can’t that person interpret for us?
What is a certified deaf interpreter and why might I need one?


What about confidentiality?

Services for Deaf-Blind Persons

What type of services are available for Deaf-Blind Persons?

Conference Planning

How do I know if I need interpreters at my conference or seminar?
What are conferences required to provide under ADA?
How can our conference fund the reasonable accommodations required under ADA?
Why do people who can hear need an interpreter?

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Why was the ADA necessary?
Who is protected by the ADA?
What is a reasonable accommodation?
What does ADA mean by “equal access?”
How will I know what the person needs?
What kinds of programs or businesses are required to follow the ADA?
Who might be exempt from the ADA?
What are employers required to do under ADA?
Can some employers be exempt from the ADA?
What are non-profits required to do under ADA?
What are city entities required to do under ADA? Can some city programs be exempt from the ADA?
Are church and worship communities exempt from the ADA?
What accommodations are commonly provided to a person who is deaf or hard of hearing?
Who pays for the costs of accommodations in a business, conference, meeting, training session, etc.?
Funds for this are not in our budget. What do I do now? What should we do for the future?
What about tax breaks?
How can a non-profit fund the accommodations required under ADA when our operating budget is small?

Video Remote Interpreting and Video Conferencing

What’s the difference between video remote interpreting (VRI) and video relay service (VRS)?
Who pays for the equipment required for VRI, video remote interpreting?
Can VRI happen over the internet to avoid long distance phone costs?


What is C-PRINT™?