Workplace Sign Language Training


Businesses, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations can:


  • Increase employee productivity, morale and commitment,
  • Reach new customers and new markets,
  • Decrease frustration with communications barriers,
  • Save time and money!


Do you need your employees and/or management staff to understand and use basic sign language to communicate effectively with deaf customers, vendors, suppliers, or employees?


Do you need customized, industry and work-place specific instruction so your employees and management staff can learn to sign, and to understand, sign language unique to your setting?


Do you want to increase the capacity of your company to utilize your existing human resources and to reach new markets?


Do you need to provide equal access to communications needs as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?


If you said YES, Interpreting Solutions, Inc. can help!


Since its founding in 2001, Interpreting Solutions, Inc. (ISI) has worked to bridge the communications gap between the “hearing world” and the Deaf community by providing an array of high quality, innovative, cost-effective services. By providing Workplace Sign Language Training, ISI fills a significant need.


Sending your employees or management staff to a generic sign language training program cannot meet the unique needs of your workplace or industry. That’s why ISI has developed a specialized, time and cost effective approach, bringing customized direct instruction to your work place!


With ISI as your partner, your company can provide training in sign language so that:

  • Deaf employees and/or Deaf managers can communicate with their colleagues,
  • Hearing employees and/or hearing managers can communicate with Deaf colleagues,
  • Your company can communicate with Deaf customers, tapping into an often overlooked niche market.


With ISI’s Workplace Sign Language Training, you’ll waste NO time learning signs that you’ll never use. You’ll waste NO time traveling back and forth to classes. Instead, our ISI trainers will work at your site, and will customize training to match the specific needs of your organization, resulting in time and cost savings. Plus, improved communications will increase your company’s productivity, safety, performance, and workplace morale! Contact Interpreting Solutions, Inc. at 414-226-8191 for more information.