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Whether you are seeking to hire a team of the most affordable professional sign language interpreters to ensure accessible communication … planning a conference where you need to coordinate sign language interpreting services for participants… or offering speech to text (CART) services so deaf or hard of hearing people can read and understand what’s being spoken, Interpreting Solutions, Inc. can help!


Established in 2001 by Jill Kenehan-Krey, Interpreting Solutions, Inc. has grown in response to the corporate, non-profit, educational and civic communities’ need for affordable, flexible services that ensure that deaf, late-deafened, and hard of hearing employees, participants and customers can access communication fully and equally.


Today, Interpreting Solutions, Inc. offers high quality services across Wisconsin and the mid-west.  Interpreting Solutions, Inc. is committed to offering cutting-edge services that support and enhance quality communication between hearing, deaf, hard-of-hearing, and late-deafened consumers. Some of those who have hired us have offered these comments: 



Marquette University: Nationally recognized university serving over 11,000 graduate and undergraduate students.


            Interpreting Solutions, Inc. provides outstanding interpreting services for deaf/hard of hearing individuals. Not only are the interpreters top notch, but staff will also go the extra mile to take care of a lot of the “behind the scenes” work in getting interpreters to their respective assignments, or finding and scheduling interpreters to fill requests. There is a high level of commitment and professionalism to provide quality interpreting, and to facilitate communication to the highest degree for their deaf/hard of hearing beneficiaries and the hearing world. I highly recommend Interpreting Solutions to anyone in need of interpreting assistance. Pat Almon,  Coordinator, Disability Services, Marquette University, Milwaukee WI


Individual consumers: Individuals who have worked with Interpreting Solutions, Inc. either professionally or personally.


            I have used Interpreting Solutions both personally and professionally. The interpreters provided are consistently professional while upholding the highest ethical standards. If accurate, appropriately conveyed communication is your priority, then Interpreting Solutions is the place to start. Marge Liberski, Deaf consumer


WEAC: Wisconsin Education Association Council: Wisconsin’s largest teacher union, serving the state of Wisconsin’s public education professionals. WEAC holds an annual convention with over 1,000 participants.


         When Convention time comes around every year and I begin making plans, I always feel comfortable knowing that I can turn over our interpreting needs to Jill at Interpreting Solutions, Inc. Jill and I have been working together for several years on our annual WEAC Conventions.  When we have requests for interpreting services from our members, I turn them directly over to Jill.  She takes care of handling each individual request by discussing their needs in advance to ensure they will have the best service available.  I know that I can always count on Jill to provide the best interpreter services for our members.  Jill and her interpreters are always very professional when dealing with our members, and they have come to count on her as much as I have.  Karel Jelinek, WEAC , Teaching and Learning Campus, Madison, WI 




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